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Mental Health Proclamations

May 23, 2021, marked an inaugural  Teen Mental Health Awareness Day in Pennsylvania. This day has continued to expand yearly. The day recognizes teens' unique mental health challenges and pushes for suggested solutions in their voices.  


Teens work collaboratively to write a statewide proclamation and then work on tailoring proclamations specific to their counties and localities, including the City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Berk County,  Chester County, Luzerne County,  and Montgomery County.


These proclamations are wonderful opportunities for youth to talk to elected officials about the issues and have their voices heard.  Not only does this annual event give teens their own spaces to collaborate, but it also gives teens a space to collaborate with elected officials as they work together on proclamations and get buy-in on suggested solutions.  These proclamations show teens that their words matter and have power. Teens who participate in writing the proclamations receive an official copy.


Although laws take time, these proclamations are important steps in moving public discourse forward to change policy.


If you are a youth or youth-serving organization interested in getting youth involved in the proclamation this year, please sign up below!

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