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The campaign to pass Excused Mental Health Days legislation in Pennsylvania is supported by a growing number of students, teachers, school administrators, nonprofit organizations, providers, and advocacy groups. A list of current supporters is below.

Supporters of the policy get regular updates on the legislation as it moves through the PA General Assembly.


We invite you to fill out the form to show your support for Excused Mental Health Days today.

Who's already on board?

The following individuals and organizations have shown there support for Excused Mental Health Days in PA: 


  • Jewish Healthcare Foundation

  • NAMI Keystone

  • Youth MOVE PA

  • Boys & Girls Club of Western PA 

  • WeReign Inc.

  • The Beacon

Individuals & Students: 

  • Nicole Benigni (Allegheny County)

  • Victoria Bowser (PA)

  • Grant Cibulsky (Berks County)

  • Pamela Dawson (PA)

  • Stacie Dow (Allegheny County)

  • Carol Frazer Allegheny County)

  • Sam Gallagher (Allegheny County)

  • Nadiya Greaser (Allegheny & Somerset Counties)

  • Katelyn Humbles (Berks County)

  • Lisa Kidd (Philadelphia County)

  • Minji Kim (Allegheny County)

  • Leah King (Lebanon County)

  • Hannah Koty (Greene County)

  • Amanda Grace Krier (Lancaster County)

  • Deborah Murdoch (Allegheny County)

  • Tyler Nolt (Berks County)

  • Arjuna Pandey (Allegheny County)

  • Amani Parker (Philadelphia County)

  • Sarah Pesi (Allegheny County)

  • Amy Preisendefer (Allegheny County)

  • Kevin Puskaric (Washington County)

  • Katee Rinehart (PA)

  • Newell Rinehart (York County)

  • Ronette Saunders (Allegheny County)

  • Jennifer Schneck (Lancaster County)

  • Jessica Segal (Allegheny County)

  • Colana Tymes (NJ)

  • Saanvi Vereddigari (Chester County)

  • Emily Wheat Allegheny County)

  • Jen Wildner (Somerset County)

  • Kate Wolfe (Allegheny County)

Show your support for the Excused Mental Health Days Legislation below!

Thanks for your support!

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