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Youth Convene with Legislators to Advance Advocacy Efforts

By: Mary Zagrocki

The PA Youth Advocacy Network’s teen working group has had a busy start to the new year, working on mental health awareness strategies and meeting with legislators. In the past two months, the group has met with Kate Samuelson of Senator Bob Casey Jr.'s office and Senator Judith Schwank. During the group’s initial meeting with Samuelson, she encouraged youth to speak up about bills that affect teen mental health and also discussed how youth can properly make an impact on federal legislation. With Senator Schwank, the group asked how they could be more active in decision-making at the state level while advancing the Senator’s excused mental health days legislation. Each meeting provided the group with insight on youth engagement and legislation that affects mental health. To learn more about our youth advocates and their goals surrounding mental health awareness, check out @payouthadovcacy on Instagram!

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